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King vs California King Mattress

How to Choose Between a King and California King Mattress

When choosing the right mattress size for you, it can seem pretty straight forward. The difference between a Queen mattress and a King is quite noticeable and one will clearly fit in your bedroom better than the other. When it comes to choosing between a King mattress and a California King, it can sometimes be a little trickier to consumers. It is important to understand the difference between the two mattresses, so you can make the choice that is going to look and feel best in your room. Also, not all mattress companies will carry both options. For example, the popular brand Leesa Mattress does not make a King sized mattress. The information below will help you determine what options will be best for you based on your needs.

King Sized Mattress

Both King and California King mattresses can give individuals and their bed partners an extra bit of space that can be desperately needed. It is a noticeable change from a Queen sized mattress. Perhaps you need a little extra room for the kids hopping in your bed at night. Or maybe you let your furry friend spend the night in your bed and need some extra leg room. Whatever the reason for this upgrade, a King bed is usually voted top for its size and ease in buying accessories. This bed gives two people roughly a twin bed sized amount of space each. These mattresses are also more common than the California King and can be shopped for quite easily.

A King mattress’ measurements are the widest commonly available. It is 4 inches wider than the California King and its length is typically an impressive 80 inches, giving tall people more than enough assurance that their feet will never hang off of the bed.

One major thing to consider when choosing a King sized bed is the amount of space you have in your bedroom. While a large spacious room will easily house a king size bed, small urban apartments are usually not made for this size mattress. The length and width of the bed make it almost impossible to fit into smaller rooms. You may want to consider something smaller and more convenient, like choosing Bed In A Box or Casper Mattress that ship directly to your house or apartment.

California King Mattress

California King beds were designed with sleeping space in mind, but there is a greater emphasis on length here. A California King mattress is quite large, measuring in at 4 inches under the width of the King sized bed. However, it is longer than the king sized bed, at 84 inches. It is currently the longest bed available on the market. This makes an ideal choice for those who are not needing as much space to sleep apart as they are needing more length due to height or other considerations.

In decorating terms, it’s best to choose a California King bed for a room that possesses rectangular dimensions, or a room in which there is excess length and not as much width. This way, the bed will fit in the room without taking up too much space. The potential cons of the California King lie in the width. For those used to sleeping in a King sized bed, it may be there is simply not enough space within the California King to accommodate pets, kids and partners.

How does one decide? It is really a matter of preference here. If you are looking for greater length and a little less width, the California King mattress would likely be the best choice for you. If you really need that extra width of the mattress, then a King sized mattress would be your top consideration.

Choosing The Right Mattress Size

No one wants to play a guessing game when purchasing a new bed. It is important to get a measuring tape and put a little effort into determining the dimensions of your bedroom and see what would look and feel comfortable for you. Typically, the best advice is to have enough space around the perimeter the bed so both partners are able to get around easily. For individuals who are more visual in their considerations, it could be better to use painter’s tape to make an outline of how much space the bed will actually take up. This can assist in other decoration considerations also.

When it comes to prices, there is only a small difference in how these two beds are priced. The accessories needed for the bed can vary in price based on your mattress size as well. California King sizes tend to be more difficult to buy for. This is because King sizes are so much more common and accessible. Many who possess California King mattresses may want to buy their bed sheets online. This is also true for headboards. Keep in mind that the California King size is unique in its width, so a headboard that fits the California King will likely be found in furniture specialty stores or online, but not general department outlets.

Department stores are great for King sized bed sheets due to a wide array of sheets made for standard sizes, and the California King is not considered a standard size. With all this information in mind, remember that mattress size and quality are what makes a good night’s sleep. One might need a Sealy Posturepedic mattress that only comes in a King size. If looking for a King mattress and one finds a California King that is better quality for back conditions or allergies, take this into consideration.

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