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Simmons Mattress

Simmons Mattress Background

Zalmon G. Simmons saw his life change on the day he received the patent for a woven bedspring as payment at a store he owned. At that point he ran a small general store and a manufacturing company that created telegraph equipment. Recognizing the value of the bedspring invention, he improved on it and began manufacturing the product. He incorporated his business in 1884 and renamed it the Simmons Manufacturing Company in 1889. His company was not notable for creating this technology, but for devising a manufacturing process that actually made the product affordable for the general public.

By 1891 the company was the largest and most profitable manufacturing business of its kind anywhere in the world. Rather than simply continue to bank on their standard product, the industrious manufacturers began finding new ways to improve their finished materials. In 1925they began manufacturing a fabric covered spring coil that could be inserted into the mattresses individually. They patented the design, an improvement on an earlier invention that was available only to the most elite customers. Because it was able to be produced more efficiently, it was suddenly available to the general market.

The first king and queen mattresses were sold by the Simmons Manufacturing Company in 1958 . These were the first larger mattresses ever sold. The products became instantly successful and were the subject of articles in many national publications.

Simmons Mattress Quality

The company devised an improved version of their patented pocket coil spring. The new material offered increased durability and support and added an additional layer of stability. Simmons also paired their innovative coils springs with the newest technology; memory foam. The hybrid mattresses offered the best mix of support and comfort available. Today, additional improvements are being added to their pocket spring coils as new technology becomes available. This includes Air Cool memory foam and Smart Response pocketed coils.

Simmons Mattress Products

Simmons mattresses are sold under two lines. This includes the Beautyrest and the Beautysleep names. The Beautyrest is the premium line that uses the firmest pocketed innerspring coils. The Beautysleep models use less coils to make a bouncier, less-firm design. The materials and the padding used are the same. It is only the level of firmness, due to the interior design, that is different. The Comforpedic name is also well-known, but it is actually a version of the Beautyrest mattress rather than a line of its own.

Simmons Mattress Materials

The titanium coils are the base of every Simmons mattress, the other materials each mattress contains will depend on its style. Cooling technology is provided by their patent-pending TENCEL fibers and micro-diamond infused memory foam. The outer materials are made from either cotton, polyester, or in the instance of their organic crib mattresses, a woven organic cotton cover. The company does not add formaldehyde, chlorofluorocarbons, lead or mercury to their memory foam, the way other mattress companies often do.

Simmons Furniture Line

In addition to mattresses, the company also offers a line of living room furniture as well. They carry sofas, loveseats, sectionals and ottomans. They also have hide-a-bed sofas that include a scaled-down version of their popular mattresses. Their furniture lines are all made in the United States.

Mattress Size Dimensions
Twin 38 x 75
Twin XL 38 x 80
Full 54 x 75
Queen 60 x 80
King 76 x 80
California King 72 x 84

Simmons Mattress Pricing

There are so many variations of the Simmons brand that the pricing can range from $79 for a portable twin mattress to $2,000 or more for their elite king-sized memory foam mattresses. Shoppers looking for a mid-range full or queen size Simmons mattress should plan to pay between $400-$600.

Mattress Size Price
Twin $499
Twin XL $579
Full $579
Queen $599
King $999
California King $999

Simmons Mattress Coupon

You can find coupons for Simmons mattresses varying times throughout the year. The best deals are usually found on websites like Overstock or Amazon, rather than directly from a furniture shop. The best sale prices are available in mid-to-late spring and early summer.

Simmons Mattress Shipping Cost

To get the best deal, look for sites that offer free shipping. Otherwise, expect to pay at least $100 or more to have the product delivered.

Simmons Mattress Warranty

Simmons mattresses are sold with a 20-year limited manufacturer warranty. Repairs and replacements are offered with no charge for a limited time during the warranty period. Each mattress is different and the company offers a chart on their website that details what the warranty codes mean that are printed on the tags attached to each mattress, as well as on the bill of sale.

Simmons Mattress Reviews

No matter what the product is, it is always possible to find complaints or negative reviews about it online. However, most mattresses from the Simmons company typically rank in the 4-5-star range. One exception is the elements twin-size mattress that is considered by many buyers to be too short and not provide enough support.

Simmons mattresses are now, along with Serta mattresses, listed under the name of AOT Bedding Super Holdings/Serta Simmons Holdings, LLC. The majority owners of the company are currently Ares Management and the Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan. Despite the merging, the companies are still run separately and operate as two unique businesses.